Monday, September 17, 2012

French Stenciled Tote Bags

French Stenciled Tote Bags

This weekend I stenciled 24 cotton canvas tote bags for my upcoming holiday craft show on Black Friday weekend. Here's a peek at several of the designs that will be available:

I stenciled these totes with the following supplies:
  1. Stencils
  2. Fabric Paint or Martha Stewart Multi-Purpose Craft Paints (purchased at Michael's)
  3. Stencil brushes & Stencil Sponges (I use the brushes for the more intricate designs and I use Martha Stewart's fat stencil sponges for the larger design parts)
  4. Stencil-Ease Repositionable Stencil Adhesive Spray
  5. A barrier piece of plastic or cardboard to layer in between the front & back of your bag in case paint bleeds through fabric (I use my old Cricut cutting mats. Instead of throwing them out, I keep them for stenciling and for cutting junk on, etc...)
  6. Stencil & brush cleaner (Martha Stewart's Stencil & Brush Cleaner)
  7. Paper Towels or Rags galore
Be sure you use stencil adhesive spray to hold down the stencils. Taping down around the edges does not guarantee a smooth design outcome. Also, be sure to work on an even, hard surface with good light.

For the paints, I used both Jacquard Textile Color & Martha Stewart's Multi-Purpose Craft Paint. I ran out of the Jacquard and could not locate it at neither Michael's or JoAnn's so went with Martha. Loved the Jacquard brand--it's very smooth and cleans up easily. Martha's paint also stencils like a dream and it's easy to wash off the mylar stencils like the Jacquard. I tried Tulip-brand fabric paint which went on nicely but it was downright evil to remove from the stencil so I took Tulip back and exchanged it for Martha's paints.

For tiny details in the stencils like when I added "bling" to the crown for sparkle, I used Martha's glitter paint with a tiny paint brush and dotted the paint in. It was just the "crowning" touch that the stencil needed without being gaudy or overdone. About the sponges--Martha's fat stencil sponges are GREAT! They are well-made, give even coverage, clean up easily and will last for a long time I'm sure. There's a two-pack of these sponges--one medium and one large. Here's the supplies:

That's it! Stenciling is pretty simple. I can barely draw stick people, so stencils work for me. There are some great quality stencil designs out there these days. Much better than they used to be. Here are some good stencil sources:

Check out:

Next post, I plan to share my new thing (aka obsession, love, lust...) for wooden crates. I will try to turn this:

into something vintage like this! 

Shabby vintage crates will be part of my craft show booth decor so I will try to make them. True vintage crates on the market have gone crazy in price so, if I'm going to have these sweet babies, then it's up to me to create them myself. 

Thanks for being here! See you soon.
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