Monday, October 8, 2012

A Heartfelt Fabric Memory Book with Lavender & Classic Embroidered Baby Bibs

Good morning! 

What did you do this weekend? Did you get much done--creating, resting, cleaning, hanging out with family? I managed to knock out a few loads of laundry and I did A LOT of embroidery. I also finished up a "fabric memory book" batted and lined with fresh lavender buds for a beloved Aunt to honor my cousin's memory. 

First, the memory's is a gift to my Aunt & Uncle...a heartfelt gift & my way of telling them that they & their son are special. I adore this Aunt & Uncle. I had so much fun with my cousins growing up. They are a great family & some of my best memories are because of them. 

This fabric book is not a fancy memory book & is the first fabric book I've ever made. It's sort of shabby style with vintage crochet lace trims, antique lace flowers and simple cotton fabric. My cousin was a grown man, a father & had a landscaping business. He had planted pansies for his Mother before he died and pansies remind her of him. So, I found some vintage pansies postcards and graphics then printed them on fabric. I also scanned in his favorite church hymn (What a Friend We Have in Jesus) from a vintage hymn book I bought on Etsy. Amazingly enough, I also found a black & white graphic image of the title hymn for the cover of the memory book. The other graphic image that is the back cover is that of an angel painting pansies! I could not believe I found these images--it's as if my cousin were guiding me from Heaven to these things for his Mom's memory book. I scanned photos of my cousin, baby photos and more as he grew into a man. I printed those on fabric as well then pieced the fabric pages together to make a book. Had this book been for a girl I may have gone crazy with laces, trims, pinks and more. I wanted my Aunt to have something soft she could hold onto. She loved the sachets I made her and had told me she sleeps with them under her pillow so I thought a soft memory book lined with lavender in some of the pages could be something sweet to cuddle up with.  

Vintage postcards printed to fabric. Left page has a pocket to slip notes, thoughts & prayers into. 

A close-up of the pocket for thoughts & prayers.

The memory book is quilted. That's tattered, vintage lace trim & old antique lace flowers I stitched on the cover & the back cover.

There are images of sparrows in flight carrying messages in a postcard so those are in the book also. I put little messages on the postcards to the parents from Heaven. 

This sparrow's message says "An Angel watching over you". I chose a honeycomb stitch to frame or border the inside pages. It's pale blue so hard to see. I used a soft vine stitch to frame some of the postcard images. 

I hope my Aunt & Uncle find some comfort in this little memory book. It's a little shabby, not perfect but the love is there. 

Classic Baby Bibs with Vintage Style 

After I completed the fabric memory book I launched right into embroidering baby boy bibs. Today, I will begin embroidering baby girl bibs! I love girly stuff so can't wait to get moving on the baby girly bibs....

All of these bibs have the cutest petite ruffle around the edges. The bibs are white cotton with velcro closures and little pastel polka dots on the ruffled trim. The boy bibs have baby blue dots & the girls have pink. They are so sweet...I try to choose what I believe are classic baby embroidery designs. Images that have a classic, vintage style. I made a few mistakes here and there, like not centering the design correctly {{sigh}}...I'm learning here. I only began embroidering about one year ago and I love it. 

Here's a couple of the baby boy bibs I did yesterday.

Aren't these adorable? I love the carousel & the toy pony. I have to remember to re-position the carousel a little further down--it's placed too high on the bib but it turned out ok. Learning as I go...

Check out the close-up of the toy pony--look at the beautiful stitch pattern that makes up the horses hair color. It reminds me of cable knit patterns in sweaters.

I'm off to start on those baby girl bibs now. Here's a peek:

Thanks for being here!  

Love & smiles, 

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If a material or source are not noted here please feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer your question. 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I am positive it brought them comfort and they adored this very much.