Thursday, October 11, 2012

Creating for Christmas ~ Red Velvet Gift Bags & German Glass Glitter

It's not even Halloween yet and I am already creating for Christmas! I have been embroidering but took a break from embroidery. I worked on some rich red Christmas gift bags made of velvet and tested out some new German glass glitter. I love how these simple little bags turned out. Sometimes, it is the simpler, less is more things that are just what you needed.

I embellished these red velvet gift bags to tuck in little gifts for Christmas. They have a vintage, French touch.

German glass glittered upcycled ornament & Joyeax Noel red velvet gift bag

I love the new German glass glitter I tried out. I have used other glass glitters in the past but have learned that true German glass glitter has an extraordinary sparkle. Less expensive glass glitters have a mix of dusty particles and un-silvered crushed glass so they won't have that brilliance. Did you know that this glass glitter is made from thin sheets of glass that are silvered then crushed. The silvering gives the glass glitter a beautiful patina as it ages over time. This is what gives those handmade crafts with a vintage theme their aged look.

If you're looking for truly sparkly glass glitter click here to see Meyer Imports Silver German Glass Glitter. They have other colors, too! 

Soon I will create heartfelt Christmas love using wood, tin, sheet music, French book pages, old English book pages and silver tinsel twine....

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