Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Shabby French Market Craft Show Booth & Christmas Crafts

My Shabby French Market Christmas Craft Show Booth & Glass Glitter EVERYWHERE! Plus some photos to share~

Hello everyone--it was late October since my last post here so I'm catchin' up. I was crafting for Christmas even then and still am! I was creating for a ginormous Christmas craft show called Christmas Made in the South out here on the Southeast coast in Jacksonville, Florida. My first large show ever. This show has been run & promoted by a wonderful family for about 30 years. It runs from Charlotte, NC all the way through the south down here to Florida. The show was held at a large convention center in the city here. These types of show take a great deal of planning and preparation. I thought I was prepared but I ended up burning the midnight oil the last couple of weeks as the little things and details caught up with me...I've learned a lot and am glad I mustered up the courage to try it. I got a little sidetracked with illness during the show weekend, landed in the hospital and my sweet husband worked the booth for me as much as he could. I'm better now and looking forward to getting back to creating and re-opening my Etsy shop The Joyful Home to share my Christmas creativity and all that stuff I glittered--I love German glass glitter & I confess I went a little crazy with the glitter this  year. My holiday creating mantra is "Let's put glitter on it! Martha does!" I love German glass glitter for vintage-style holiday crafting. You can find brilliantly, sparkling German glass glitter here by clicking this link at Meyer Imports; it's exceptional quality. See my previous post in October to learn about this exceptional glitter here Creating for Christmas...& German Glass Glitter.

PHOTO TIME! I have some photos to share of the craft show booth and some of the items I sewed, crafted, painted, embroidered and glittered of course... But first, a few pics of the booth. Forgive the quality on the first photos as we took them with our cell phones. If you want to view larger photos just click on 'em & they magically get bigger!

The Joyful Home Booth - Christmas Made in the South 2012 - Jacksonville, FL - That's burlap upholstery webbing as garland on the Christmas trees. Gotta love it at .67 cents per yard! 

The Joyful Home Booth - Christmas Made in the South 2012- Jacksonville, FL

The Joyful Home Booth - Pre-stocked, Pre-Show - Christmas Made in the South 2012-Jacksonville, FL

I was going for the old, vintage French Flea Market look with this booth or maybe just a vintage flea market?? The bare bones of this booth set up cost us $0.00, yep, as in zip, zilch, zero. Our "local home improvement store" gave us the wooden shipping pallets which made up the booth wall display and the display tables. My dear husband built the walls by bracing them in the back and at the bases for stability. We bought wood & saw horse kits then built saw horse bases to hold up our shipping pallet display tables. I should say my husband built everything...We then decoupaged vintage French & English typography labels, postcards, etc. onto the wooden pallet table tops using Mod Podge which required a giant vat of Mod Podge by the way but it was quick, easy and a fun, funky way to decorate the tables. You can find Mod Podge at any craft store pretty much. Check it out here --> Mod Podge. I have decoupaged stuff for years and Mod Podge has been my go-to glue, sealer, finishing touch for many a project. NOTE: the wooden pallet walls, tables and saw horses were easily assembled at the show site within about 90 minutes or so. Not too shabby!

Sewn, embroidered, crafted & glittered items from the craft show:

Victorian Christmas Buntings - Wooden with Antique Sheet Music & Images - These were in their pre-glittered stage but you know I glittered them...buntings are fun to hang across mantles with stockings, over mirrors, doorways or in your child's room for a merry touch.

Farmhouse Burlap Christmas Stockings with Shabby Organza Roses, Ruffles & Seam Binding-Lined with my hand-stamped sheet music fabric

French Market Fa La La La Stockings - Made with French General by Moda Fabric Fa La La Fabric - This fabric features the classic Christmas song in French language. I learned to sew the fabric flowers from Vanessa Christensen, author of "Make it Sew Modern", Sewing Goddess Extraordinaire. Check out her blog  V & Co. - Vanessa Christenson

Ruched French Market LARGE Fa La La Stocking - This stocking has cute vintage buttons up the back of the cuff.

French Market Wine Bags - Burlap - Great for Gifting Wine - these were hand stenciled then GLITTERED! These were a hit. I have a few left that I will list in the Etsy shop.

Vintage Postcard Lavender Sachets - Darling, heartfelt gifts, tags, ornaments

Embroidered French Bee on French Script Pillow 
Victorian Christmas Gift Tags on Sheet Music - Dusted with fine glitter of course! 
I adore angels! We can never have too many-
French Market Ornaments - Painted Wood with Sheet Music, Vintage Buttons & you guessed it--German Glass Glitter! I love these... 
Red Velvet Joyeaux Noel Gift Bags - Great for gifting ornaments & little gifts.
Antique French Postcard images on Tart Tins for decorative plaques - embellished with GLITTER! Hey, what would Christmas be without German glass glitter?
Happy Noel Antique Postcard Plaque - Trimmed out in Vintage-style Silver Tinsel  - Very Vintage! I  love this French couple happily admiring their Christmas Tree which I so enthusiastically embellished with GLITTER!! 

Embroidered Holiday Kitchen Towels - These sold out at the show (Well, I have one left...)

That's it for now. I had ruffled baby bibs, other types of ornaments and gift tags galore but I figure we've all seen enough.I'm off to find more stuff to glitter....

Heartfelt thanks for being here~
Happy Christmas! 
Kimberly xo

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  1. Love the up-cycled pallet booth Kimberly! What a fab idea, and perfect for the French Market Style you were going for. Free pallets are a godsend I tell ya, how I love them so!