Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Thoughtful Heartfelt Gift - "Scentimental" Lavender Gift Sachets

Gift giving...It feels good to give a gift from your heart or bestow a thoughtful thank you present.

It personally gives me alot of joy and pleasure to share a little gift--and to receive gifts, too! What to give and how do we make it count? How does one convey that even the smallest of gifts are from the heart? These are things I think of when I want to show someone how special they are--affordably. Offering a personalized, heartfelt, handmade gift speaks volumes. Even it's just one little gift for a friend who needs cheering up or just because.
Bundles of Love
Vintage French Style Sachets by TheJoyfulHome

Customized lavender sachets are affordable, pretty little gifts to give to anyone. Include a personalized message on the back or on a little tag and you can say so much in the space of a beautiful, thoughtful little gift that will last for years. Dressed up sachets are pretty perched on a dressing table, or tucked into a lingerie drawer or wardrobe--and there's always the memory of the occassion this gift commemorates, bringing a smile to a loved one or friend.
 Three pretty French Vintage Style Sachets, ready to give
 Lavender Sachet Gift Bundle - by TheJoyfulHome
The sachets pictured here are an example of "lavender sachet gift bundles" I enjoy sewing. It makes me smile to customize a gift for someone that includes an expression of love or gratitude. Afterall, I am a bleeding heart romantic and I live for this stuff!
Here's another style I think would be so nice to give to a favorite bookish friend:
Jane Austen "Janeite" Sachet
Jane Austen Lavender Sachet for the "Janite" by TheJoyfulHome
 The Jane Austen sachet would be a clever gift for a book club or the book club hostess...and, of course, the devoted Jane Austen fan would appreciate this one. And, yes, Janeite really is a word. It came about back in 1890's to describe Jane Austen fans. Who knew?!
My sister's summer vacations at the beach with her friends was the inspiration behind my Shabby French Beach Friends Sachets. The colors really convey a vintage beach style and the little friends are so sweet there on the beach with their little buckets and shovels in the sand at their feet. I stitched an embroidery stitch for the border in aqua to bring out the aqua color tones. I had fun making this one. Most of the sachet designs I come up with are curated from vintage postcards I collect or vintage postcards and graphics I purchase with rights to use. Never get enough of vintage postcards!
Gift for a friend to keep memories of summer vacations 

ShabbyFrench Beach Friends Sachet by TheJoyfulHome (Vintage postcard graphics by French Kissed)
 "Dearest Friend" in sepia tones
"Dearest Friend" Sentiment on the Shabby French Beach Friends Sachet
  I Love You Dearly - Shabby Pink Roses Sachet
Shabby Pink Catherine Klein Roses Sachet by TheJoyfulHome
A heartfelt sentiment
I used to collect antique postcards with artist Catherine Klein's rose renderings. Klein was a popular Victorian era artist who painted true to actual roses. She is an absolute favorite of mine. Several of the sachets I have made are from those postcards as this one above. 

 That's it for now...I have more sachet styles to "give" or to share here with you--so, will post more here next time.
Heartfelt thanks for being here
Kimberly xxoo

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