Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Little Book of Friendship (Petit Livre de L'AmitiƩ) - So Much Lace, So Little Time

A Heartfelt Memory Book for My Dear Friend
Vintage Fabric, Lace, Buttons & Roses
This is a fabric memory book I am sewing for one of my best friends. I have known Barbara since I was 10 years old. Some of the best years of my childhood were with Barb. We lived outdoors, played in the Florida woods, rode everywhere on her horse & rafted on the St. John's River between her house & mine on a large, wooden raft, with our dogs on our heels, and on the horse! We were tomboys through & through. Who knew that we would be such girly-girls one day-- crafting, sewing and raising our own children?

I like fabric memory books. They're sentimental & meaningful. They are something soft to cherish and behold--and something to hold onto. They hold our most precious memories and the love we have for a friend, a sister, a brother, husband, a mother or father.
Petit Livre de L'AmitiĆ© - Little Book of Friendship (Just click on any photo to enlarge them)
So, I have a stash of antique lace, trims and fabrics that I've wanted to do something with. This was a good project to start with. I have so much vintage & antique laces accumlated. I never seem to have the time to sew things with them. I chose light cream lace, trims and fabrics which are offset by aged, vintage-style fabric roses & sepia images.

 My friend Barb is a beautiful, sweet woman, mother and friend. We live far away from each other and even though we haven't seen each other in ages, we always pick right up where we left off as if we saw each other yesterday.
Barb & me on her horse with my beloved dog - that's me peeking out from behind Barb.
 I am making this little book for my friend because I want her to know how important she is to me and how much I have always loved her. When we were were younger and I had to move away, we were very sad. I think we thought it was the end of the world and I was heartbroken. Barb said something to me the night before I was leaving. We were standing on the bank of the river behind her house and there was a brilliantly shining full moon. Barb said to me "Whenever you see the moon, think of me and I will think of you"--and I never forgot that. I always thought of her and I always think of my old friend to this day when I see the moon. Tonight there is quite a bright, full moon peeking out here and there. (Thinking of you friend...)
When I found the rubber stamp image of the girl with the horse "by the light of the silvery moon", I knew I would sew this little book for my friend. It was meant for her. So, I stamped it onto some canvas fabric and sewed it onto vintage damask fabric and trimmed the book out in old lace trims.

 This is the inside of the book...still work to be done.

 I still need to add the finishing touches, and the faded photo of Barb and me on old Brownie with my dog--he went everywhere with us, always with us. I'm so glad I have this photo :-)
The original. I love the color of this, too. It really captures the feel and color I remember in the horse, my dog, the landscape around us then.

I experimented with the photo effects on my photo editor. I ended up with a sepia-toned image for the book but I love the color and the vintage style & colors of the original.

I will post a pic of my little book of friendship when it's finished in the next day or two. 

Heartfelt thanks for being here~
Kimberly xxoo

A Note about the fabrics, trims, supplies curated for this project:
Most are found fabrics & laces from local antique malls and from my big-hearted, big sister Carol. The beautiful spool of vintage, aged fabric roses trim (2nd photograph above) is from my one of my favorite suppliers Val over at Linen-Chic . Here's a link for Linen-Chic's  Aged Organza Rose Trim. Val has a way with things. Everything she makes, alters or ages has such a sweet, vintage appeal. You can find the rubber stamp for the woman with horse & the moon here at JackJakeGrif Rubber Stamp Emporium on Ebay. This favorite supplier has a large selection of vintage-style rubber stamps.