Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vintage Lace Prayer Cards - Heartfelt Blessings

 If you love to create & give beautiful things from your heart & you want to make it count, then you (and your heart) are in the right place. And, if you're at a loss for inspiration, then maybe this will inspire you...

Vintage Lace Prayer Card for my Mother
I love to make beautiful things that will inspire or tell someone how much they are loved. I put my heart into everything I do. If you are at a loss for inspiration-- my advice is to do what you love. This is especially true if you're going through a tough time in your life, or you're ill and trying to get your mind off the negative things. Channel your energy into something positive and beautiful. Going through my cancer was hard. I was diagnosed with two cancers four months apart and it was traumatizing. I chose to dive in and do what I love instead of wallow or be afraid. I made the decision to re-focus my thoughts & choose joy -and to help others.

My little Angel of Hope & heartfelt cards from dear friends--
she watches faithfully over me at my desk, a happy reminder of the love I am so blessed to have 

It is the little tokens of love & support from family & loved ones that can get one through and make them smile...a thoughtful card, flowers or a little Angel of Healing who arrived one day at my door to melt my heart and make me smile.

Don't give up on what you love. Sewing and creating helped save me from myself. It is very healing.  Keep creating, sew, craft, pray, write, read, send a loved one a note, pray some more...just do what you love --it will keep you strong. You will find that you are more inspired and creative than you thought you could be.

"Little Blessings" from Angels in a vintage style tag lovingly tucked in to the lacey back pocket
This dear, lace Prayer Card & it's Angels will soon be on it's way to bestow heartfelt blessings
My inspiration comes from my heart & soul, my love for others in my life and my experiences, good or bad. This is what inspires me to create "Prayer Cards". It had occurred to me that there are many others out there who need love, support and a heartfelt reminder that they are not alone.  These tokens from the heart may help a loved one find those lost words and show their support when they aren't sure what to say. Illness can make things so hard for people and it can be lonely. Through a heartfelt prayer card, you can tell a loved one they are loved, or help ease someone's fears, comfort broken hearts or give someone their faith back when they are struggling and may have a long road ahead of them. Our world needs more of this.

A little bit of old & new accent my Prayer Cards...Images from vintage postcards or from the beloved Graphics Fairy; a new, vintage-style hairpin in the form of a bow with a 1920's look; old & new buttons, vintage lace, trims & fabric flowers & more.

I love sewing these little inspirational lace gift prayer cards or "cartes de prière" (as they say in French--everything sounds so great in French, doesn't it? The dirtiest or most boring words and expressions probably sound beautiful in French :-). They allow me to be as mushy, romantic, expressive as I want to be, and even better, they express so much love or support for someone who may need it.

Materials: My prayer cards are made with mixed textiles, old linens and buttons, vintage & antique lace, trims, fabrics, and other meaningful finds along with some newer materials. I machine sew, hand sew, glue, rig and do whatever it takes to create a scrumptious, lacey, heartfelt confection such as this. The little blessings tags tucked in the back are printed on cardstock and are about the size of a business card.

My heartfelt best to you ~ thanks for being here 0:-)