Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Close to My Heart - Victorian Gift Book Collection & Catherine Klein Roses Postcards

My absolute first love of all things antique & vintage are my Victorian Gift Books and Postcards. I adore these beautiful treasures from the past.

Victorian Gift Book "Rubies from Byron" depicting Catherine Klein Roses & a Klein roses postcard - 1904
I love these gift books and postcards because they are sentimental, often have poetry and gorgeous prints of old fashioned roses, birds, dreamy landscapes or the image of a suave, dapper romantic poet guy, like Lord Byron or someone :-). We girls can never have too much romance and my old gift books always deliver!

I have displayed several photos here to share these beloved books & postcards that mean so much to me. Many of the rose postcards are the source for my heartfelt gift sachets I sew. Nothing I sew is without meaning--and is always curated from an old source of something I hold close to my heart. I want to share that with others so that when one of my creations are gifted to someone, they are receiving love and beauty.

Antique Postcards & Gift Book Roses Prints by Victorian Artist Catherine Klein

Rubies from Byron Victorian Gift Book - Given to Ada Griffin - Easter 1904
If you look at the postcards and the print from the book, you will see how the Victorians did not limit their love of Klein's work to just postcards. Her work was much loved and printed in many forms.

Postmarked March 21st, 1916

More Klein Roses from the pages of Rubies From Byron & Postcards

My newest antique book (not a gift book) but I LOVE THIS ONE! It has a print by the famous Earl Christy. Isn't she beautiful? 

 Tempest and Sunshine antique book by Mrs. Mary J. Holmes (notice how they printed the female author's name as "Mrs"?)

Rubies from Byron, On Christmas Day in the Evening, Christmas at Bracebridge Hall & Holly Berries from Dickens

I included of a photo of some of my Victorian Christmas Gift Books--note the little tiny book titled "Christmas at Bracebridge's actually by Washington Irving, author of Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle.

A Gift Sachet featuring a spray of Catherine Klein Roses made from one of my antique Klein postcards

I hope you enjoyed the old postcards and gift books.
Heartfelt thanks for being here~
Kimberly xxoo

Monday, February 17, 2014

Make Your Own Burlap & Lace Ribbon, Aisle Runners & More

Easy DIY Burlap & Lace Ribbon

Easy Burlap & Lace Ribbon

My daughter is getting married this Spring and she has chosen a burlap and lace-themed d├ęcor with vintage-style mercury glass vases & candesticks for her wedding--and ivory/sage hydrangeas for the flowers. Have you noticed that burlap, lace and mercury glass are all the fashion for weddings these days? I see it everywhere! It's a beautiful, charming, vintage, easy look and affordable.

INSPIRATION from our Pinterest Wedding Pin Boards, Style Me Pretty & La Tavola Linen

We were so inspired by beautiful burlap & lace wedding photos we saw on Pinterest. View TheJoyfulHome's Pin Boards here for our wedding inspiration and the look we're aiming for as shown in the photo below (and yes, I will be sewing all those lace tablecloths & chair covers...what was I thinking?!!)

Photo by Michael & Anna Costa (Featured on Style Me Pretty)

Featured On: Style Me Pretty
Photography By: Michael + Anna Costa Photographers Ltd.
Designed By: Ariel Yve Design, LLC.
Flowers By: Juniper Designs
Linens Featured: Alencon Lace-White cap and chair covers, Burlap-Natural Underlay, Monique-Antique Ivory - See more at:

Burlap & Lace Wrapped Wedding Invitations

I have already used gobs of burlap & lace ribbon to wrap around my daughter's invitations. She chose a vintage-style, somewhat rustic invite with a burlap heart and casual font. I thought they needed a little something so I sewed about 30 yards of lace trim onto as much ready-made burlap ribbon. I had looked online for ready-made lace and burlap ribbon but it was about $12 per 3 yards and as much $4 to $6 per one yard in some cases. So, I made the ribbon myself.

What You Need & Sources:
It's super easy and quick to make your own. You just need:
  • sewing machine
  • burlap ribbon
  • lace trim
I used 2" wide burlap ribbon with serged/sewn edges so it does not fray & I used various 1" to 1.75" lace trims.  I used a simple, straight stitch setting on my machine. You don't even need to pin the lace onto the burlap ribbon--just position the roll of burlap ribbon & lace behind your machine but down on the floor off of your sewing table. Then, just center the lace trim onto your ribbon and guide it along with your fingers as the machine pulls it through and sews the lace on. It's very quick & easy this way and the ribbons just flow off the spools as you are stitching along. I had 30 yards of this ribbon done in 30 minutes or less.

Note: Most of the lace pictured is lace I already had on hand.

SOURCES: - Burlap Ribbons - Lace Trims/Ribbons - Burlap Ribbons & Fabric - Lace Trims/Ribbons