Thursday, November 17, 2016

Vintage Christmas - Creating with Victorian Postcards & Vintage Figurines

What inspires your creations? 

I am inspired by the grace & romance of the Victorian era. My Victorian postcard collection and vintage images are why I do what I do and how TheJoyfulHome was born. 

 I had these beautiful old postcards that I had to do something with. I love that they have heartfelt, handwritten notes or a story. The fact that someone chose a particular postcard over 100 years ago to let a loved one or friend know they were thought of and loved is almost a bygone gesture. I want to preserve that and I simply love beautiful, old things with a story. 

My Bonne Annee French Christmas Girls Gift Sachet. I love this one!
and it's a popular one over in my Etsy shop at: TheJoyfulHome

Creating with miniature antique dolls and little vintage figurines are also another love of mine. 
Christmas Belle - I love this little ornament made from an Antique Frozen Charlotte Doll.
 by TheJoyfulHomeEtsy

These vintage Napco figurines are adorable! I truly love these. They are bone china figurines and were very popular back in the 50's to 70's. by TheJoyfulHome/RoseCottageSupply 

These are also made with Frozen Charlotte dolls. This is a reproduction frozen charlotte doll on this one. This is my Christmas Blessings Gift Box. By TheJoyfulHome
The Christmas Spirit Gift Box by TheJoyfulHome
The Snow Fairy with her crystal aqua ice wand surrounded by sparkling snow and glass pearl beads.
By TheJoyfulHome
A popular Victorian Christmas postcard. This is one of a series of Christmas Angels in snowy landscape scenes decorating Christmas Trees and presenting gifts. Truly a favorite. I love how the artist captured the glow and the light of the Angels' faces and wings and in the night sky. Really beautiful. Available at TheJoyfulHome

Available at TheJoyfulHome
These Christmas Gift Sachets come with a choice of lavender or Christmas Tree scent.

Available at TheJoyfulHome

A Christmas Prayer Pocket Pillow or Sachet available in TheJoyfulHomeshop
This darling image is one I purchased from a fantastic Etsy seller Graphic Marketplace.
Here's the link for beautiful, instant digital images from:

This is the back of the Christmas Prayer Pocket Pillow Gift Sachet above.
By TheJoyfulHome

My Little Pink French Christmas Girl. I love this one! This is can be found from various graphic art websites like I did. I found mine at the lovely shop by a talented graphic artist FrenchKissed

This is one in the set of my Merry and Bright Christmas Gift Tags.
The images are curated from a collection of Victorian Postcard images. All of my gift tags are located in my supply shop here: RoseCottageSupply

My Jolly Santa Christmas Gift Tags are also a collection of vintage retro and Victorian era Santa Claus images. They are also available in my Etsy shop: RoseCottageSupply

This is a Victorian era Santa Claus that may be from a German or French postcard, or Nordic. I say this because the Santas from those regions had pink, blue, green, cream or brown outfits. The American Santas have mostly been represented wearing classic red Santa outfits. 

TheJoyfulHome's Christmas Gift Sachet make unique, affordable Christmas gifts or hostess gifts. They are cute tied onto packages. Some  customers tell me they hang them in a window, on a wreath or on their doors. They have festive Christmas Tree scents or lavender if you prefer.
Available at TheJoyfulHome

I LOVE this one! It is from an early 1900's Victorian postcard in my collection. I think maybe 1903 or something around there. I adore the chandelier the angel holds and her vintage pink gown she wears.Available in the TheJoyfulHome shop

Heartfelt thanks for being here :-)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Crafting My Heart Out - Fall and Christmas 2016 Craft Shows plus Vintage Market Days Jacksonville, Florida

I have had so much going on and I have missed posting here! I have a lot of photos to share of things from a recent craft show. I've also been working crafts for the upcoming Vintage Market Days show. The theme is A Very Vintage Christmas. (See flyer with information about Vintage Market Days at the end of this post). I had to slow down some and take care of a lot of things. We have to put our children & our families first. I have kept up with my Etsy shops and with a couple of arts and crafts shows which is a lot of work for one person. Making everything by hand is time consuming but I love it! It takes a lot of patience and you have to love it--and love glitter and paint. I wake up some days with glitter on my face and lavender buds down my clothes; even my little dogs sparkle.

Fall 2016 Arts & Craft Festival in Jacksonville
I managed to participate in a Fall show a few weeks ago. It went pretty well. I think the uncertainty we are all faced with in this election year has made people hold on to their money and I can't blame them. I also participated in this same show last October, by the skin of my teeth, as our son had been hospitalized and I had to rush to get my work done but I managed to pull through ok & did my best. I love the people who run the Fall show. They do a great job, are so organized and very kind. It's a very respected show the church has run for almost 30 years. It's a large show with about a 100 or so vendors with beautiful things. 

Witches Ball Decorative Hat - These sold out last year and I have one left from this year's show which is The Raven Hat pictured below. It's also in the TheJoyfulHome shop here: The Raven Witches Hat
The Raven Witches Hat - with an aged poem in old script by Edgar Allen Poe, ruched Pumpkin Orange fabric, tulle bow & more.
Adorable owl nesting inside a pumpkin. This little guy found a home with a repeat customer so I know he's in good hands. By TheJoyfulHome

Victorian-inspired Tussy Mussies or Gift Cones made with postcards from my collection,
A Fall Floral Pumpkin & my Hand-made, ruffled crepe paper garland.
The Joyful Home Etsy

Victorian-Inspired Altered Art Witch with The Raven Poem by Edgar Allen Poe on a wood plaque. Lots of details on this one. Tulle cape and bustle, Swarovski Crystals,Velvet ribbons and more. The Joyful Home Etsy

Victorian Die Cut Cutest Little Witch with a Tulle Background. The Joyful Home Etsy.
Made from a Victorian Postcard Image from my collection
Christmas Blessings Angel Christmas Box - The Joyful Home Etsy
The Fall Crafts are fun and a nice break from sewing but Christmas is my favorite! I am getting ready for Vintage Market Days Jacksonville 2016. Here's a preview of some of the vintage Christmas goodness that I will have at my booth. I still sew a lot but I I adore working with miniatures and making the old-fashioned diorama ornaments. My Christmas Gift Boxes and Angels are another favorite for me to make. I'm making some of the Christmas boxes this year with garlands and baroque embellishments I make from paper clay.  I will have a lot of my holiday gift sachets, plus ruffled and lace Christmas stockings, too.

 Christmas Spirit Box

Pink Christmas Snow Queen Diorama Ornament

O' Holy Night Angel Diorama Ornaments with Vintage Sequins Trim found at The Country Living Fair on Stone Mountain, GA one year. I use a lot of vintage materials in my work.

Do Not Open Until December 25th Pink Christmas Diorama Ornament - The Joyful Home Etsy

Winter Wonderland Diorama Ornament Made with Vintage French Book Paper and Sheet Music
 Another Vintage French Book Sheet Music Diorama Ornament
The Joyful Home Etsy

Glass Cloche Oranaments - Some with Vintage Figurines - by The Joyful Home Etsy
Jane Austen Gifts
A Christmas Gift inspired by the classics - The Jane Austen Christmas Gift Sachet with Gift Tag.
A constant best seller in my shop. The Joyful Home Etsy
 Gifts made from my Vintage French Images & postcard collection
Another popular item Joyeux Noel Pink Christmas Gift Sachet - The Joyful Home Etsy
Farmhouse Burlap and Ruffles Stocking - The Joyful Home Etsy

My booth at the Fall Show

Check back soon for an update with lots of photos of some of the vintage goodness I'm working on for Vintage Market Days Jacksonville. Please stop by and say hello if you go!

Heartfelt thanks for being here~
Kimberly xoxo