Thursday, November 17, 2016

Vintage Christmas - Creating with Victorian Postcards & Vintage Figurines

What inspires your creations? 

I am inspired by the grace & romance of the Victorian era. My Victorian postcard collection and vintage images are why I do what I do and how TheJoyfulHome was born. 

 I had these beautiful old postcards that I had to do something with. I love that they have heartfelt, handwritten notes or a story. The fact that someone chose a particular postcard over 100 years ago to let a loved one or friend know they were thought of and loved is almost a bygone gesture. I want to preserve that and I simply love beautiful, old things with a story. 

My Bonne Annee French Christmas Girls Gift Sachet. I love this one!
and it's a popular one over in my Etsy shop at: TheJoyfulHome

Creating with miniature antique dolls and little vintage figurines are also another love of mine. 
Christmas Belle - I love this little ornament made from an Antique Frozen Charlotte Doll.
 by TheJoyfulHomeEtsy

These vintage Napco figurines are adorable! I truly love these. They are bone china figurines and were very popular back in the 50's to 70's. by TheJoyfulHome/RoseCottageSupply 

These are also made with Frozen Charlotte dolls. This is a reproduction frozen charlotte doll on this one. This is my Christmas Blessings Gift Box. By TheJoyfulHome
The Christmas Spirit Gift Box by TheJoyfulHome
The Snow Fairy with her crystal aqua ice wand surrounded by sparkling snow and glass pearl beads.
By TheJoyfulHome
A popular Victorian Christmas postcard. This is one of a series of Christmas Angels in snowy landscape scenes decorating Christmas Trees and presenting gifts. Truly a favorite. I love how the artist captured the glow and the light of the Angels' faces and wings and in the night sky. Really beautiful. Available at TheJoyfulHome

Available at TheJoyfulHome
These Christmas Gift Sachets come with a choice of lavender or Christmas Tree scent.

Available at TheJoyfulHome

A Christmas Prayer Pocket Pillow or Sachet available in TheJoyfulHomeshop
This darling image is one I purchased from a fantastic Etsy seller Graphic Marketplace.
Here's the link for beautiful, instant digital images from:

This is the back of the Christmas Prayer Pocket Pillow Gift Sachet above.
By TheJoyfulHome

My Little Pink French Christmas Girl. I love this one! This is can be found from various graphic art websites like I did. I found mine at the lovely shop by a talented graphic artist FrenchKissed

This is one in the set of my Merry and Bright Christmas Gift Tags.
The images are curated from a collection of Victorian Postcard images. All of my gift tags are located in my supply shop here: RoseCottageSupply

My Jolly Santa Christmas Gift Tags are also a collection of vintage retro and Victorian era Santa Claus images. They are also available in my Etsy shop: RoseCottageSupply

This is a Victorian era Santa Claus that may be from a German or French postcard, or Nordic. I say this because the Santas from those regions had pink, blue, green, cream or brown outfits. The American Santas have mostly been represented wearing classic red Santa outfits. 

TheJoyfulHome's Christmas Gift Sachet make unique, affordable Christmas gifts or hostess gifts. They are cute tied onto packages. Some  customers tell me they hang them in a window, on a wreath or on their doors. They have festive Christmas Tree scents or lavender if you prefer.
Available at TheJoyfulHome

I LOVE this one! It is from an early 1900's Victorian postcard in my collection. I think maybe 1903 or something around there. I adore the chandelier the angel holds and her vintage pink gown she wears.Available in the TheJoyfulHome shop

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  1. Your creations are so lovely, are very talented!