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Oh, My Vintage Goodness! The Joyful Home at Another Vintage Market Show! Photos and a Video of Rusted Backdoor Market in Jacksonville, FL, April 2017

TheJoyfulHome booth at Rusted Backdoor Market, Jacksonville, FL, April 23rd, 2017

Oh, my vintage goodness! More show pics from the awesome Rusted Backdoor Market in Jacksonville, FL just last weekend on April 23rd, 2017. This show is fabulous and is put on by Rusted: A Vintage Market in downtown Jacksonville, FL. There are the wonderful vendors at this show from crafters, makers to the best purveyors of vintage, antiques and salvage. The owners of Rusted are so hospitable, kind and helpful and they know how to take care of their people. :-) If you get a chance to go to one of Rusted Vintage Market's show, do go--you'll enjoy it! Here's the link to Rusted's Facebook page:Rusted: A Vintage Market

Heartfelt thanks for stopping by and please visit me at TheJoyfulHome shop for heartfelt gifts, vintage goodness and event favors.

Enjoy the photos and the video!
Rusted Backdoor Market, Jacksonville, FL April 23rd, 2017 - Video 1

TheJoyfulHome booth, Rusted Vintage Market, Jacksonville, FL April 23rd, 2017

Another inspiration creation--my Lace Angel Wings. This one is made with vintage millinery roses. I sold out of all my other angels wings except this one at the last weekend's show. This pair of Angel Wings are available here at this link in TheJoyfulHome shop

This old vintage china doll is adorable. She has on the cutest marigold colored dress with rick rack trim and the sweetest little face. She is also still available and waiting for a loving home at TheJoyfulHome shop

This is Benchmark Designs' booth. The two girls who run this booth have exquisite home decor and vintage pieces. I just love them! 

A pretty tub chair and French Hat Box I had at my booth. I'll have more hatboxes in shop soon as these all sold on show day.

A darling old shabby cottage wooden chair, a bed crown I painted and a French Bless This Home sign I made using Iron Orchid Designs Large Decor Transfer. All of the signs sold except this one and I 'll have more soon so check the shop.

My pretty dress form/mannequin girl. I painted her a creamy white to tone down her brassiness. She is soft & lovely now and makes everything beautiful that she holds for me. 

A vignette of vintage goods in front of my booth at Rusted Backdoor Market, Jacksonville, FL, April 2017

This is a  fine Drexel Heritage French-style end table. I painted it creamy white and added an Iron Orchid Designs Decor Transfer. It turned out lovely! This table had a lot of admirers and I really thought one shopper was going to buy but, alas, my table still needs a loving home. I will list her in the shop shortly so peek there if you're interested at TheJoyfulHome shop

This is a new item I made from contemporary, new style memo boards. I had two and this is the last one which is available in TheJoyfulHome shop

Another vignette on the other side in front of TheJoyfulHome booth at Rusted Backdoor Market

A view of the French Drexel Table top graced by The Queen of Vintage doll in a glass dome cloche. She is available here in TheJoyfuHome shop

The interior of TheJoyfulHome booth at Rusted Backdoor Market. The table tops are made of shipping pallets my local Home Depot gave about 5 years ago. I decoupaged lots of ephemera and Victorian postcards copies from collection on the tables. 

This is my bits and bobs, linens and china table inside my booth. 

My little Penny Dolls. These are collectable old dolls that are just the cutest things. 

Some of TheJoyfulHome's signature Lavender Gift Sachets, These are the Jane Austen themed bundles and the Vintage Paris bundles. These sold out at the show last weekend. They are the top sellers in my shop as well. Here are the links for each:
Jane Austen Emma Sachet Gift Bundle
  Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice Gift Bundle and
Vintage Paris Sachet Gift Bundle

A shabby roses vintage foot stool topped with a beautiful vintage lace doily. These are still available. We don't always sell everything at any given show. It's hit or miss and we never know what people will end up buying. So, check my shop as I will post it in there shortly. TheJoyfulHome shop

I still have one iron urn with base available. The other one sold at the show. Send me a message if you're interested. TheJoyfulHome booth, Rusted Backdoor Market, April 23rd, 2017

Lots of gorgeous, vintage aurora borealis brooches available shortly at TheJoyfulHome shop

Another view of the Aurora Borealis brooches. I try to be creative with my displays and I find this little trunk style boxes are perfect for the smaller items. When the show is done, I just tuck in the merchandise, close the boxes and I'm ready to go!

Moi :-) Heartfelt thanks again for stopping by!
 Kimberly xoxo

My sweet husband. Could not do this without him. He puts up with all my crafty shenanigans. :-)

More Spring Vintage Market Shows with TheJoyfulHome! Rustapalooza Spring in St. Mary's, GA, March 2017 photos

I have more photos to share today. I just finished up with two Spring vintage markets. Rustapalooza in St. Mary's, Georgia back in March 2017 and Rusted Backdoor Market, Jacksonville, FL in April 2017. Wow! These are awesome vintage markets. I mean, they are the holy grail of vintage goodness with some amazing, talented vendors and the best purveyors of vintage goodness in Florida and parts nearby.

You can check out Rustapalooza's Facebook page here: Rustapalooza and Rusted Backdoor Market at these links. Enjoy the photos! 

Heartfelt thanks for stopping by and come visit me at my shop TheJoyfulHome for more vintage goodness, heartfelt gifts and event favors.

First up are photos from Rustapalooza Spring in St. Mary's, GA show:
TheJoyfulHome booth, a Rustapalooza shopper browsing

Video slideshow of Rustapalooza Spring in St. Mary's, GA, March 2017

The beautiful, antique armoire used to belong to my daughter. It found a new home with a young lady who fell in love with it. I was sad to see it go but glad it found a good home.

Rustapalooza is a well-loved vintage market. If you're going, get your tickets early as they sell out, especially the Early Pickin' tickets. 

Gorgeous Orange Hall Mansion at Rustapalooza show, St. Mary's GA. My booth was right under the big, old Oak tree in the photo. I could not have been in a more beautiful place with a better view. 

TheJoyfulHome, Bucket of old spindles

Bunny Wreaths by TheJoyfulHome

Some vintage and antique goodness at my booth plus some new vintage-style items, too.

A stunning, antique Paul de Longre Chromolitograph at my booth

More vintage and vintage-inspired goodness at TheJoyfulHome booth at Rustapalooza

The chick and bunny pillows sold out at Rustapalooza.

My chicken wire and wood hearts with shabby roses fabric and my lace hearts. I have two left. 

My husband chattin' it up with some vintage market folks. We meet the nicest people at these shows. It's my favorite thing about these markets--the sweet people. 

A side view of my booth.

An interior table in my booth with antique figurines, china, linens. There were lace curtains hanging down behind this table but the wind blew and whipped them all over so you can't see them here. 

Some of my vintage-inspired Easter crafts I offered at Rustapalooza. 

The beautiful St. Mary's River. Rustapalooza is located in the historic town of St. Mary's, GA;

The Rustapalooza sign on the front of Orange Hall Mansion. This is an historic, antebellum property. It's just gorgeous! 

Lots of Vintage Goodness from Vintage Market Days, Jacksonville, Florida, December 2016 Show Photos

Sharing some photos from Vintage Market Days Jacksonville, Florida back in December 2016--not so many months ago if you think about it but I do slack off on the blog updates so, catching up now. Man, how time flies! It's been almost 5 months and I 've done 2 large shows since then. My next shows are not until the Fall so I am glad for the break. Managing my Etsy shops and taking care of my family are a lot of work. Some people have asked me where I bought the Silver Tinsel Trees used in my display. They are from Vickerman Co. on Amazon. 

Enjoy the photos! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for stopping by!

My heartfelt best and many blessings to you~

The Joyful Home at Vintage Market Days Jacksonville, FL December 2016

The Joyful Home Booth at Vintage Market Days, Jacksonville, FL December 2017

The Joyful Home booth, Vintage Market Days Jacksonville, FL December 2016